The Streak Continues

I feel like Mondays span the good, the bad and the ugly.

One Monday I almost left the house without shoes (don’t ask).  That was a pretty ridiculous Monday.

Today?  I continued my bad movie-watching streak and Marcus and I streamed the Year One.  Chances of finishing it tonight?  Slim.  And honestly, it’s not particularly humorous.  But the bizarre transition between time periods in pre-history give it just enough flair to keep pressing on.  By “flair” I mean that every five minutes you recognize another historical character.  Then you go back to working on whatever else it was that you had at hand.

Marcus’ Monday?  Involved a bike ride (and by “a bike ride” I mean the first of the season) that sapped all of his energy.  I ain’t seen my man like that since last Ju-ly.  The moral of the story?  No more bike rides for him.

So yes, in a nutshell, tonight was completely mundane.

On a completely different aside, since soy products are very vogue (for lack of a better term), Slate’s Explainer tackles the topic of Hexane in veggie burgers.  Especially timely since I took a moment to lecture Mom about the issue yesterday.

Is Your Veggie Burger Killing You?


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