Race run.

So, luckily the thunder wore itself out before we made it to the race course (our start time wasn’t until 9:20 AM).  But the rain most definitely did not.

Um, and can I just say THANK YOU to everyone who commented/called/e-mailed/texted me good luck wishes and such pre-race?  It was really nice to know that people were thinking of me while I was going out to change my world, three miles at a time.

My visor ended up being a serious lifesaver (you learn something new everyday?) and I managed to escape without blisters.

Lindsey and I ended up running together almost the entire way (with the exception of you know, the very end) and I finished the race in 33:45!  Goals accomplished.  And almost as excitingly, we ran each mile faster than the last (I mean, we’re still talking snails’ pace) – 11:30-11:15-11:00.

We had to bus to the course, because Minnehaha doesn’t have enough parking.  By this point our feet were already wet.  Not in the figurative way.

And post-race we looked like beauties.  Galina, on the left is the one that coerced us all into this mess.

We beat the odds.  Post-race I was SO cold that I had to get rid of the soaking shirt I was wearing and pulled on a sweatshirt.  Linds ended up with some seriously sassy blue lips.  It’s what we do.  Maybe next year we’ll be hardcore enough to do the 10k.  I didn’t know this but the Get in Gear 10k is like the 15th largest 10k in the nation?!

Dannon hit right around his 50 minute goal for the 10k and Mike managed to stay on his trail without training.  Which is in my opinion, insanity.

And finally, Erica and Justin.  Justin wasn’t entirely sure that running a 10k was survivable, but he made it across the finish line!

And most importantly, Marcus, our cheerleader needed to find a way to address the rain as well.

Post-race, I spent 20 minutes in a hot shower (you know, anti-Earth day), collapsed into bed (not because the race was so exhausting, but to compensate for my lost morning shut-eye and the chill from the rain) and enjoyed some Payslie’s Benedict at the Good Day Cafe for a well-deserved and tres late (we’re talking 2 PM) lunch.


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