Pros and Cons: The Rational Way

Running outside.  It’s been like a whole week now.

Pro: I don’t have to stare at the men’s bathroom door in our workout room whilst I trot.

Con: It’s hard.

Pro: It’s nice to breathe the fresh air rather than hot tub fumes.

Con: It’s hard.

Pro: On my way home from work, I know I’ll actually be able to run, rather than playing roulette with the woman who domineers the treadmill, walking 2 mph with the take-out menu in front of her.

Con: It’s hard.

But y’all know I don’t back down from a challenge.  Despite the fact that my apartment is surrounded on all sides by hills (I even tried to talk this out with Marcus and we realized there’s literally not a way to run that doesn’t involve monstrous hills), I’ve managed to run personal bests in terms of duration of run, distance run and calories burned.

More astonishingly, the “big race” is already upon us.


I was somewhat heartened to read in the article from the New York Times linked below, that by exercising, your body decides to burn the fat in the food you consume first (versus storing it ASAP) rather than the carbohydrates.  Sounds like a win to me.

Weighing the Evidence on Exercise

Hit it.


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