The Wednesday Special

Oh, the joys of Wednesday.  I’ve gotten to appreciate that…

…That uploading a custom theme onto WordPress (even if it is a free one) is going to take FAR more time and skill than I have for one day.  The good news?  I found the themes.  The bad news?  I think you have to self-host in order to use said themes and that is just not a place I am at right now.  Denial?  Not just a river in Egypt, friends.

…Making lobster stock STILL takes 800,000 years.  But we needed to get the shells out of the freezer.  And I need to be able to prove to Marcus that I can make a seafood risotto that is in fact, better than the risotto on offer at Axel’s Steakhouse in Chanhassen.  Game on.  In his world I’ve already beaten Bacio and Joe’s Garage, and the Rio Buffet in Vegas.  The next issue we’re going to have to address is the pheasant.  Another day.

…It is Administrative Professionals Day.  And you can all rest assured, I actually got a very nice card.


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