Daily Archives: 04.20.2010

Descending into the Depths of Shamelessness

Fact: I had exactly the same evening eats two nights in a row.  The suspects? 

  • Baked potato stuffed with shredded cheese, butter and plain yogurt
  • Roasted broccoli
  • Gelato-sundae with cherry pie filling and chocolate chips (meant to emulate my favorite Culver’s sundae, the Cherry Blossom). 

Por que?  Because it was freaking delicious.  And while they say that you should vary the foods you eat to avoid boredom, sometimes it’s just so darned good that you need to take another whack at it.

For the record, I don’t plan on turning Tenaciously Yours, into some sort of glorified food journal.  But sometimes I like to share the depths of my shamelessness with you all.

Or the fact that I excel specifically at eating the most bizarre combinations of food possible.

Separately, may I confess to you all that for the past year, I’ve harbored a fear of baking potatoes?  Embarassingly enough, baked potatoes were one of the early dishes that Marcus and I managed to crash and burn with and, you really can’t just come-back from that one.  So I avoided making them.  Like the plague.  Until I boldly informed his high school friends several months ago that I would be making Twice-Baked Potatoes for the dinner party we were having at the time.  Genius move.


I can cook those puppies up like it ain’t no thang.  My life now most closely resembles one giant baked potato bar.