Last night’s Seder was a success.

And yes, we had to improvise on the Seder plate by using a sushi platter.  Hence, the shrimp part.

What I learned about myself today?  That I am a cranky-pants if I move my bod TOO much.  What is too much?  Probably nine miles.  But first, back the truck up.  I went for a run this morning and did about four miles.  Whatever.  Normal.  And then I had plans to walk around one of the lakes with the ladies.  Mads, Ems and I hit Lake of the Isles and then realized on our walk back, that we had to walk a mile to and from the lake.  A lovely jaunt around Lake Calhoun turned into a mid-day volksmarch.  Now I’m just sore and over the world.

In addition to training to travel the Oregon Trail by foot, I managed to hit Al’s for breakfast this morning with Jess (because The Jose is SO kosher for Passover), and we colored eggs this afternoon.

Marcus and I also grilled a giant platter of kabobs for dinner.

Most of which, not shockingly, ended up in tupperware in the fridge.

Hopefully I don’t get my butt kicked by Easter tomorrow.


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