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Call it an improvement upon May Day.

You all know how I love the First Saturday in May.  But this year, I keep on forgetting that the First Saturday in May is.May.1st.  I just don’t feel as if we’re quite there yet.  It may also have to do with the fact that Chris is in Rochester/Winona right now (despite the fact that he took a job down there, I consider this to be a temporary state of being) and thus I have been robbed of one of my favorite Derby watching partners.  My other being P’s boyfriend, John (but he totally abandoned us last summer, so it’s different).

So, let’s talk about the Kentucky Derby.  I am a most firm believer that if you run in the Derby, you should try for the Triple Crown.  More importantly, I think that in order to win it all and take your place in history you need a name that fits in with the other Triple Crown winners.  My pick this year?  Devil May Care.  After watching Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta rock the racing world last season, I think it’s time for a filly and I think it’s time to go big.

If you’re planning a Derby party of your own and need some last-minute inspiration or find NBC to be especially vague about what it is that one actually eats in Kentucky, check out Epicurious’ Derby Section.

And, because blogs are all about the over-share, you should know that I always tear up during the singing of My Old Kentucky Home.


Because I’ve been fascinated with the state of my feet as of late, let me just say that I am MOST impressed by Moleskin.  It might just be that I’m on Day 3 of blister-recovery-mode.  But it might just be that Moleskin is amazing.  Jury is out.

Truth be told friends, this week has simply worn (aka tuckered) me out.  I’ve been lucky to spend the majority of it with all manner of good friends and sisters.  But as a result of this, I haven’t had proper time to myself before 9 PM which, retrospectively, is time I really enjoy having.  And frankly, I’ve had a profoundly whacked out foot for the majority of it.  This weekend and I?  BFFFFS.  If I’m lucky, I may just find the time to do my nails.  THAT would be a novelty.

The one thing I’ve been truly thankful for is the absolutely perfect evening temperatures we’ve been having.  Sleeping with the porch door/window open in the spring or fall is one of my favorite activities of all time.  Tonight, if we’re lucky, we’ll escape the predictions of the weather terrorists and be able to enjoy a full night of sleep rather than a night of sleep punctuated by THE LOUDEST THUNDER AND LIGHTENING IN THE WORLD, which in turn, will keep us all awake from midnight – 5 AM.  Thank you KARE 11.

So, if you’d be so kind to excuse me, I’m going to go and embrace that perfect, KARE 11-free night of sleep.

A Diary That’s Not for Secrets

This week?  Has captivated you.  I know.

But, as they say, the show must go on.

You should also be relieved to learn that today I plundered the Target by my place-of-work and emerged victorious with $20 worth of bandages, preventative blister-block and moleskin.  More victorious?  My FSA covered $16 of it.

On a separate, yet totally related note, did you know that there are special running socks?

Save that little treasure for another day.

The issue at hand?  I’m a calendar-keeping fiend. 


I keep track of appointments on my phone, which in turn, syncs with a Google Calendar (which I never check), which in turn syncs with my iPod Touch (When I’m in an area where I can grab some internet with the thing.  I never check that one either.).  Why the Google Calendar?  So I can sync my phone to my iPod.

And then there’s the agenda (or diary for you anglophiles out there) I keep with me in my purse at all times.  I’ve tried to kick the paper habit this year, I swear I really have.  But there’s just something that’s SO comforting about an actual, physical date book.  As we’ve essentially made it to May, and mine stops at the beginning of August, it’s kind of time to start thinking about/obtaining one that will carry me through 2011.

The good news?  Lilly Pulitzer and Coach both have a January start, which doesn’t really jive with my life.  So there’s no need to loosen the purse strings unnecessarily.

My tentative pick?  The myAgenda by momAgenda.  It isn’t too expensive, it appears to have LOTS of calendar space (arranged in several different layouts!) and I’m kind of loving the metallic-finish covers.  Plus, and perhaps most importantly, it looks as if it would be right at home in my purse.

Changing Lives, One Overpriced Strip at a Time

As a follow-up to last night’s watching paint dry post, I already had some captivating stuff lined up in order to make it up to you all.

But then, my life was changed.

You see, since last Saturday, my feet have been crushed into a state of submission that most closely resembles raw meat (Or a bad pedicure “before” picture.)  And seriously, I have NO idea of where this is coming from because I’ve been able to get my hustle on blister-free for the last…you know, three months?

Thankfully, when I stumbled back into my apartment this evening, and had taken a moment to survey the damage (and no, the “damage” is not something you will ever see pictures of), I had an ah-ha! moment.

As we take a journey back to December 31st, a more youthful, innocent Kat was busy trying to spend the rest of her FSA in the Target Pharmacy section before the clock struck midnight.  For the record, it was more like 5:30 PM.  Lest you think I was reasonably thinking my actions through, please envision me grabbing things that seemed like they might possibly be useful at some point in the future, doing the math in my head (I had a total to reach!) and then chucking them into my basket.

What made it in?

You totally guessed right.  The $6 box of Advanced Healing Band-Aids.  Today when I realized I had those babies on my side, I knew we were golden (nevermind the fact I had never actually used one before).  Yes, the blisters may be on the balls of my feet and those are for fingers + toes, but skin is skin, right?  I slapped one on before sliding into a pair of flip-flops not 20 minutes after the incident.  While I was out at that birthday party?  No pain.  No bother.  No fuss.  And most importantly, no Band-Aid slippage.

I’m a changed woman.  And yes, I am totally buying more.

The Streak Continues

I feel like Mondays span the good, the bad and the ugly.

One Monday I almost left the house without shoes (don’t ask).  That was a pretty ridiculous Monday.

Today?  I continued my bad movie-watching streak and Marcus and I streamed the Year One.  Chances of finishing it tonight?  Slim.  And honestly, it’s not particularly humorous.  But the bizarre transition between time periods in pre-history give it just enough flair to keep pressing on.  By “flair” I mean that every five minutes you recognize another historical character.  Then you go back to working on whatever else it was that you had at hand.

Marcus’ Monday?  Involved a bike ride (and by “a bike ride” I mean the first of the season) that sapped all of his energy.  I ain’t seen my man like that since last Ju-ly.  The moral of the story?  No more bike rides for him.

So yes, in a nutshell, tonight was completely mundane.

On a completely different aside, since soy products are very vogue (for lack of a better term), Slate’s Explainer tackles the topic of Hexane in veggie burgers.  Especially timely since I took a moment to lecture Mom about the issue yesterday.

Is Your Veggie Burger Killing You?


So we finally reached the stage where the seedlings in Greenhouse One needed to be repotted.  Because, you know, I’ve been exercising that green thumb of mine.

I’d been eyeing a really nice glazed planter at Home Depot.  But when Mom and I stopped by JoAnn Fabrics (we’re re-covering the valance that belongs in Marcus’ dining area) they mysteriously had sets of three glazed planters on offer for 50% off.  Planters for $16 instead of one for $60?  I’ve gotta bingo kids.

So here’s where we are now…

Obviously the seedlings from Greenhouse Two aren’t quite ready for repotting yet.

And, because I know you were wondering about the plastic, for your reference, Marcus and David picked up clay drainage trays for the planters (along with the potting soil and the fertilizer that we may or may not need).  Since they (the planters) won’t be ready to go outside for another two or three weeks, this is my way of preventing wood damage.

On the bright side, by the time we make it to that point, I should be able to identify what each plant is.  Cilantro and Parsley?  Kind of pretending to be twins right now.

Race run.

So, luckily the thunder wore itself out before we made it to the race course (our start time wasn’t until 9:20 AM).  But the rain most definitely did not.

Um, and can I just say THANK YOU to everyone who commented/called/e-mailed/texted me good luck wishes and such pre-race?  It was really nice to know that people were thinking of me while I was going out to change my world, three miles at a time.

My visor ended up being a serious lifesaver (you learn something new everyday?) and I managed to escape without blisters.

Lindsey and I ended up running together almost the entire way (with the exception of you know, the very end) and I finished the race in 33:45!  Goals accomplished.  And almost as excitingly, we ran each mile faster than the last (I mean, we’re still talking snails’ pace) – 11:30-11:15-11:00.

We had to bus to the course, because Minnehaha doesn’t have enough parking.  By this point our feet were already wet.  Not in the figurative way.

And post-race we looked like beauties.  Galina, on the left is the one that coerced us all into this mess.

We beat the odds.  Post-race I was SO cold that I had to get rid of the soaking shirt I was wearing and pulled on a sweatshirt.  Linds ended up with some seriously sassy blue lips.  It’s what we do.  Maybe next year we’ll be hardcore enough to do the 10k.  I didn’t know this but the Get in Gear 10k is like the 15th largest 10k in the nation?!

Dannon hit right around his 50 minute goal for the 10k and Mike managed to stay on his trail without training.  Which is in my opinion, insanity.

And finally, Erica and Justin.  Justin wasn’t entirely sure that running a 10k was survivable, but he made it across the finish line!

And most importantly, Marcus, our cheerleader needed to find a way to address the rain as well.

Post-race, I spent 20 minutes in a hot shower (you know, anti-Earth day), collapsed into bed (not because the race was so exhausting, but to compensate for my lost morning shut-eye and the chill from the rain) and enjoyed some Payslie’s Benedict at the Good Day Cafe for a well-deserved and tres late (we’re talking 2 PM) lunch.