Combo Pack

So let’s talk about exercise.  Some weeks I’m incredibly fantastic about it and I’m on the treadmill for ~5 days.  Other weeks, it’s really only about three.  But what can you do.  This week I had holidays to celebrate and ladies to see.  It’s how the world turns.

On Tuesday, which was one of the days I was lucky enough to throw on my running shoes, I learned a thing.

SIDEBAR: I love horse racing.  It is the sport of kings.  In horse racing there are dirt and turf tracks.

See, I decided to go running outside for the first time in FOREVER since I briefly dabbled with it in college.  And it was H-A-R-D hard.  The pavement was not friendly, I didn’t have a mechanical belt forcing my feet into action.  What?!  I thought I was making progress but really, what I learned is that it’s really flipping good that April 24th is still a month away.  Homegirl is most definitely a turf pony.

In the spirit of keeping things moving, I figured I’d toss WORK IT and Living The Skinny together this week (I figured you’d all understand).

You’ve been eating real food, you’ve been grocery shopping.  Gold stars all around.  Kids, it’s time to start cooking.  And not just microwaving pizza rolls (the preservatives in that shit will kill you).  Start with something delish like guacamole and salsa to go with your tortilla chips.  I mean, COME ON.  Everyone loves chips + salsa + guac.  All you need are some veggies and a sharp knife, no heating elements required.  Once you realize how fantastic that eating experience was (I recommed pairing with Chardonnay, myself.) and whip that combo out a couple times, you’ll catch the bug.

But it takes TIME.

I know, whiners.  If you’re really that addicted to the TV, move it into an area where you can see/hear it while you cook.  Otherwise, pour yourself a glass of wine/mix yourself a drink (this step is totally essential) and get crackin’.  Everybody wins.  If you live with someone or have a friend over, enlist them as your sous chef and get them a-choppin’.  If I didn’t have Marcus cooking alongside me, we wouldn’t be able to pull off half of the ridiculous recipes we’ve managed to force  into our reperatoire.

By the time you’ve started moving, eating real food, grocery shopping and cooking, like seriously, you won’t even recognize yourself anymore.


One response to “Combo Pack

  1. St. Patrick’s Day no longer qualifies as an ethnic holiday.

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