Lessons Learned

I can finally turn my head without pain and (most) stiffness.  Which is fantastic (Especially since I’m out of muscle relaxants…small miracles.).  It also means that I can start doing yoga again, which I didn’t think I would notice skipping.  Turns out that I did. – I’ll chalk that up as a good thing.  You had better believe the Pigeon pose and I have a hot date for 5:40 AM.

And, in case you were wondering (which I know you all were), eating Refrigerator Pickles for lunch today was like eating spring.  It was completely wonderful and I highly recommend them 🙂

Tomorrow, most importantly, it is casual day at work in the spirit of the holiday.  MORE relevantly, Marcus and I will be hosting our first annual St. Patrick’s Day BBQ. But seriously, if it’s going to be sunny and in the mid-50’s tomorrow evening, why lock ourselves in a crowded pub?  There will be Guiness on the patio and that’s really all that we need.

As for tomorrow, if you’re at work, watching the parade, or staking out a pub,  just remember what I learned on St. Patrick’s Day 2007: If you’ve had more than three beers, stay away from the Chinese food.


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