Girl Time!

Marcus is in West Virginia this week on business, which above all means…you guessed it…quality time in the Princess bed.  Which I kicked off by enjoying a couple perfects nights of sleep in.  I’m pretty sure that total exhaustion was a part of equation with last week’s mayhem.

It means I dominated the issue of Vogue I bought to read on the beach in Hawaii and just never got around to.

At some point in the week, I’ll get to sit down to paint my nails and toes.  And definitely take a moment to miss the heck out of Law and Couture as I watch The September Issue.

It means that I may or may not have eaten homemade guacamole and chips for dinner tonight with a smattering of Girl Scout cookies for dessert.  That’s just how I roll when it’s girl-time.  Tomorrow night is anybody’s game.

AND, on a totally unrelated note, I’ve also got to figure out which culinary skills I want to put on display this weekend, since Marcus and I are attending a potluck on Saturday and hosting a dinner party on Sunday for his high school friends.  My plan for Sunday is starting to take shape, though I find the potluck bit to be a bit perplexing.  There’s the whole issue of wanting to bring something nice, versus the reality that you can’t count on any heating elements beyond a crock pot (which I have and STILL haven’t used) and the fact that you must transport your dish to the party locale.  We’ll see.  It goes without saying that y’all will know once I get it all figured out.


2 responses to “Girl Time!

  1. AGREED on the Bachelor fiasco! Really Jake?! Vienna? I basically came to the same conclusion as you did…that he’s the one who sucks. I’m so over this season. And I’m proud of Tenley for staying positive. I’m interested to see how the next Bachelorette goes, but I think Ali can be a little whiney too.

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