I beat napping…for now.

For the record, I’m trying to stave off a nap as I write this.

To state the obvious, I am SO relaxed right now.  It took me until we sat down to dinner last night to really let it all go, but I got it done, right?

In contrast to my newfound zen, last night ended up, not surprisingly, being a total friend-blitz.  What was on the agenda?  Marcus and I had dinner with one set of friends, bid Martha farewell as she peaced-out for Colorado until mid-June and celebrated Sam’s Golden Birthday.  Can you say BUSY?

Today, I got to sleep in, ran a few necessary errands (ahem, groceries), and took care of some things that will make my life easier (like making a batch of Tomato Bread Soup for the freezer, as that definitely didn’t end up happening last week).  I also got to make myself a most delicious lunch of salmon, green beans with parmesan shavings and crusty bread.

On an aside, I’m currently in the process of discovering the frozen vegetables in my freezer.  You had better believe that green beans are like a long-lost friend to me right now.  The peas that we dumped into the risotto earlier this week were also totally pleasing.  Sometimes I even surprise myself with how outside-the-box I can be (please note the dripping sarcasm).

A nice surprise on Friday that I forgot to mention to you all yesterday is that the Groupon you can go for this weekend is $30 for $70 at Osteria I NonniClick here to buy one for yourself!  According to Yelp, its got 4 1/2 stars, which makes it legit + worth the trek to St. Paul.  Plus $70 will get you and your dining companion a really nice dinner.


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