If you’re reading this, you should be at happy hour.

Don’t worry, this week I didn’t forget you all whilst embarking on a crusade for food and drink.  I think it’s safe to say this week that not only did I survive this week, but that we ALL survived this week.

My plan for this festive period of time is to see everyone on the planet (you think I’m kidding, but I’m really not) in a very low-key, no-stress way.  Which is thankfully, a total 180 from the Hot Mess I no choice but to dominate last weekend.  Homegirl’s gotta find some zen somewhere.

If you get bored during the day, for a fun (or validating, depending on your perspective) weekend activity, while on Facebook, make a mental list of the people who, judging by their profiles are totally divorced from reality.  Have a laugh, be thankful for your life (or both) and then move on.

Because I know we’ve all been looking to fill the cinematic void that Snakes on a Plane left, I think we should find absolution in the fact that Hot Tub Time Machine will soon be playing in theatres near you.


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