It Starts with a “5” and Ends with a “K”

Because I am all about announcing my pet projects (and sometimes seemingly implausible goals/challenges) here so that then I can either succeed or fail in front of everyone I know (and you too Internet!), it’s time for some more accountability…

I am going to run a 5K.


But seriously, if you didn’t just fall down dead reading that one, then bear with me.  Last Thanksgiving, a friend invited me to do the Turkey Trot with a group of people.  I, not really being into any sort of exercise at the time turned her down and told her to let me know the next time she was going to run a race and I would TOTALLY be there (I may have been a bit deluded at the time, or in Gasthof’s basement).

So imagine my surprise when an invitation popped on Facebook informing me that the next race was on April 24th.  I called Lindsey, since she seemed interested too and so together, we are running (and finishing…this part is essential) the 5K.

Running the 5K also means that we’ll be able to realize the uber-Minnesotan activity of jogging around Lake Calhoun, which we plan on doing when the weather gets warmer.

Really, what’s most humorous about all of this is that I’m not a runner at.all.  I’m not someone who is particularly inclined towards athletic training.  So what’s the plan?  For the moment whilst on the treadmill I’ve been alternating between running and walking every time the song changes on my iPod (SO scientific, I know.).  So far, its been working pretty well, given that I started with “not running.” 

BUT (and there’s always a “but”) if anyone has some good running/training tips, feel free to comment.  In 5 years I might tell you that your way is wrong, but right now I’m pretty impressionable.  I’ll try anything.


3 responses to “It Starts with a “5” and Ends with a “K”

  1. Hey girl! I’m excited to hear that you are running a 5K… I am too! I’m enrolled in “Beginning Running” and my class starts after spring break. I’m taking it pass/fail and the one requirement to pass is that students participate in a 5K on May 1st. If I learn any fun or useful tips, I will be sure to pass them along! Who knows?… maybe we’ll able to go running together over the summer!

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