Tids and Bits: VIII

I know I promised y’all some zesty tidbits, but this week time is just running away from me!  It’s embarassing, really.  Note to self: Next time you go on vacation, don’t totally book up the entire week immediately following your return.

These things I know to be true:

  • V-Day  I still haven’t purchased Marcus’ Valentine’s Day gift.  Whether this makes me a bad fiance or just completely indecisive, I know not.  On the other hand, I am 100% sure he is giving me another coffee mug with my face on it ,as I left last year’s mug at Theta for the girls to enjoy.  As evidenced by the photo and text message trail they have left me, they do.
  • Deals! You all know how much I love free stuff.  Today I rolled over to Victoria’s Secret and cashed in two coupons…one for a free panty and the other for two free Beauty Rush lip glosses, which I actually use.  Victory.
  • Olympics  Hello?  Ther only happen once every-other year making them more special than those events that fall into the category of “It only happens once a year.”  Marcus and I are DVR-ing the Opening Ceremonies.  Not because we’re lazy, but in the spirit of the holiday (Olympics are totally a holiday), we’ll be attending an Olympic-themed party where everyone is showing up as athletes.  Epic.

See you all on the flip side.


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