Ready, Set, Go!

Marcus and I are leaving for Hawaii and it is going to be FABULOUS.

That being said, we are not bringing computers with.  And I AM TURNING THE E-MAIL OFF ON MY PHONE.  OH MY GOD, EVACUATE THE DANCE FLOOR.  Our Hawaiian adventure is going to be something like Pioneers on the Oregon Trail meets 1999 Early Technology Adopters meets Dial-Up Internet for emergencies.  I die.  And Marcus is going to be in heaven.

So where does that leave Tenaciously Yours, then?  Like I would leave without a plan.  Get serious.  I have such a treat for you!  I’ve taken the time and liberty to line up some guest-posters who I pulled from a group of my brothers from other mothers, sorority sisters, confidantes and kin.  Translation: They are going to be keeping you BUSY and I AM SO EXCITED!  Some of them wrote about things that you would never, ever expect to come from me, others are just hysterical and all of them are fantastic.

Things you can imagine me doing whilst I am away…

  • Laying on the beach like a lizard on a rock.
  • Eating Macaroni Salad (gross, but SO Hawaiian)
  • Climbing a Volcano!
  • Watching the Whales 🙂

It’s safe to say that Marcus will be doing most everything that I’m doing with the exception of the self-medication.  Even though he’s able to fall asleep on the plane before it even takes-off, he’s learned very quickly that flying with me means that we get to hold hands.  FOR FOUR HOURS.

I know most of you are given towards sharing your feedback with me via e-mail, text or Facebook.  This week, PLEASE comment on Tenaciously Yours, and show these people some love.

And, because I wouldn’t leave you all high and dry, be sure to check out the Grocery Shopping Challenge 1.31 – 2.6: Special Edition.


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