The Ladybug Bag

With the exception of a few toiletries, I am completely packed for Hawaii!  When I stopped by The House on the Hill before Dad and I went out for dinner at Mort’s, I grabbed a suitcase, purposefully picking out one that was relatively small in order to curb my impulse to pack everything in sight.  Good plan, right?

Yes.  Except for the fact that it was just a tad bit too small for the essentials.

So where did that leave me?  Not quite in a bind…But, can you say Ladybug Bag?

Yes, I mean that vibrant, most-beloved satchel that Marcus and I picked up in a shady part of Miami last January prior to our cruise because the airline lost our luggage.  Post-vacation, Marcus relinquished full custody of the bag to moi.  It’s actually a very spacious bag, and it rolls.  What more could you need?

Two more wake-ups, and I’m hightailing it into the sun!


2 responses to “The Ladybug Bag

  1. I wish Santa would visit my purse. The weirdest thing I found recently was a butter knife.

  2. Marcus looks so badass next to that ladybug bag. I love it.

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