$15 Worth of Fun

I got Regretsy-ed for Christmas.  And it was fantastic.

There were moments in the past few weeks where Billy and I feared that Terror Cotta was never going to grace the doorstep of our parents’ house.  But today, we got to realize a dream.   The pictures really speak for themselves.

The package was much smaller than we had expected.

That piece of cardboard in there isn’t just a divider.

One step closer to Edward and Bella (and yes, I am completely aware of my parents’ extremely eclectic decorating style).

Wrapped with sparkling tissue paper and a bow.

The meadow scene, revealed.  Billy is 100% certain that the “scene” was hacked off from the end of a box of Kleenex.

For size comparison.

Billy correctly guessed that since this package was “slightly taller” it had to be Edward.

Apologies for the slightly blurry shot.  Dad’s not a professional and this camera is from 2006 (I know, pictures on the blog that weren’t taken using my BlackBerry.  Right?).

Bella, obviously.

And as Billy discovered, these are signed pieces.

Walking in the meadow.  Dad didn’t realize at first that Edward and Bella were wearing matching tan sweaters and that these were not just any terra cotta pots that you would find in your house or at a craft store.  We were a bit confused as to why they had different colored arms though.

Young love.

Clearly our Edward and Bella dolls are so abstinent that they can’t even touch to kiss.

Edward, sparkling in the sunlight.  If you couldn’t figure it out before, Edward’s hair is like raffia or something.

And since Bella always gets the short end of the stick, it looks like she got some really bad hair extensions.

Retrospectively, I probably should have taken a post-workout shower before blasting my face across the internet.  C’est la vie.


31 responses to “$15 Worth of Fun

  1. Thanks for sharing your possibly hilarious/regrettable experience with the rest of us.
    P.S. Twilight really does suck that much!

  2. You’re so…um…LUCKY!

  3. Hilarious — love it!

  4. Best. Purchase. Ever.

  5. John R. White

    I look forward to new pix of Edward and Bella Having Adventures in the Real World.

  6. I love the “meadow” — it really does look like it came from a box of kleenex. Too funny!

  7. Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your sparkly moments with us! 🙂

  8. Total Awesomeness!! I got regretsy-ed for Christmas, too!

  9. I lol’ed. :3

  10. Looks like your Christmas dreams came true. Or not.

  11. Takilasunrise

    Your excitement really came through! Thanks for sharing your pictures and photos with us!

    P.S. If you pop their heads off, you can still use them to plant some seeds! LOL!

  12. Love it. Love Regretsy. What wonderful little treasures you received.

  13. HAHAAA! That was awesome. Especially the meadow. Thanks for sharing in photo-essay form!

  14. Something to treasure and hand down to the kids, or hide your used chewing gum in.

  15. That “meadow” definitely looked better on Etsy than it does in person!

  16. Michaela (New Zealand)

    Funniest. Thing. Ever.

  17. So jealous. Gotta love Regretsy for pointing out the…gems on etsy. The meadow just made it for me.

  18. helltotheyeah

    Oh the humanity.

  19. maxwellmama

    Love the photo essay, and the outdoor shots were superb. I’d never heard of this site, now I’m addicted!

  20. maxwellmama

    just showing this to my daughter again, I realize the boy is just by a window and not outside. Still a good shot though.

  21. Should the maker have used those tinsel sparkly white chenille stems for Edward’s arms? And maybe… oh, sparkly white paint for his face?

    Thanks for the giggle!

  22. Great photo essay. I’m waiting for the sequel in which you smash them.

  23. best. blog post. I have. ever. seen.

    all I can say is LOL @ Ragdrazi.

  24. Reading this made my day, ahahaha.

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