Hit and run…

I’m on the run to dinner, but before I go…

Can we all agree that this week was the longest week ever?  Yes?

Okay, moving on.

First, some exciting things to share with you all!  Billy will be doing another guest post in the next week or so. And, after the post office had made us believe that Terror Cotta had been delivered to the neighbors or buried in a snowbank to be discovered in April (that would have been a WTF? moment if there ever was one), it finally made it to the House on the Hill.  As Billy will be gone for the weekend, we’ll be unwrapping that treasure together on Sunday, likely in the evening.  At which point, obviously we’ll share some snapshots of the great unveiling with you.  The only thing I can promise is that it will be an OMFG moment.

I also took the time to use a gift card that my Santa-parents gave me for Christmas to Barnes & Noble to buy Salt to Taste by Marco Canora and Michael Pollan’s Food Rules.  From this point until at least June, I am not allowed to buy any more cookbooks (I know that Pollan’s book isn’t a cookbook), because my apartment is literally overrun with them right now.

And finally, in karmic news, (I preface this by saying: ohmigod I am SO lame) I can hold a Dolphin Plank for 45 seconds without touching my knees to the ground to do it the “easy” way.  My whole body shakes like a leaf in the wind and it is in no way, shape or form, relaxing.  But damn it, I am making progress.


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