Beating Monday at its own game.

Mondays are always so special and adventuresome.  Last week, I bit it on Marcus’ driveway, rolling out with a sassy bruise and some scrapes on the entire right side (my right) of my right calf.  Paula almost burned down his house with the toaster oven.  Special.

Today, in the bathroom at work, I discovered that one of my favorite skirts had a rip in it…IN THE BACK.  Sassy.  We’ll classify that one as taking business casual a little TOO far.  But seriously, what are you supposed to do when you’re at work and you have an honest-to-God wardrobe malfunction?  I went Laura Ingalls-Wilder on that mess and sewed that gaping maw right back up.

I refuse to let that define my day.

Last night I downloaded Yoga STRETCH and Yoga RELAX for a whopping $0.99 each from the App store.  That brings my total yoga cost thus far to $3.97.  I was able to snag two yoga mats from my parents (one for my place and one for Marcus’ place…for the record, the one at my place is pink and the one at his place is blue) for free because they briefly dabbled in yoga and decided it wasn’t really their scene.  So why more apps?  More poses and more combos friends.  I’ve gotta have a hot Hawaii bod.

What else is lovely?  Free stuff.  Example A:  I tweeted my referral link last week when I bought a moto-i giftcard that was running $20 for $50.  That’s a deal I say yes to.  But what makes the situation sweeter is that if people use your referral link and buy their first Groupon off of it, then you get a $10 referral credit.  I got $20, which you had SO better believe is going to another Groupon of that ilk.  Example B: I Yelped the horrifying experience that the ladies and I had at Bacio in December.  Which was made doubly horrifying because it is my favorite restaurant.  Bacio’s owner contacted me via Yelp and asked me to e-mail him with my contact information so that they could make it right. Rock.on.

And finally, in the spirit of The Freezer Diaries, I defrosted some tortilla soup to enjoy for lunch this week, and tonight I made egg bake (and mini-meatloaves with the other half-pound of ground turkey).  Which helped me to get rid of the last three slices of a loaf of bread I was saving for a rainy day and the aforementioned ground turkey.


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