Winning at life.

I swear, no matter how much lotion I throw at my hands, I cannot win the battle against the dry.

Separately, I’ve finally managed to find the time this week (read: my lunch hour) to start making fast work of Dan Brown’s latest tome, The Lost Symbol.  After being sucked down another rabbit hole with Robert Langdon, the only thing I can really come up with to make sense of this hot mess is that Brown’s books are like the Twilight series of action.  The plot is predictable (read one, you’ve read them all) and his tales encourage you to get a divorce from reality so that you can join Robert Langdon’s real-world setting-totally fictional adventures.  Good bye, sanity.  It was real.

And, because I owe you all a picture of Marcus’ latest home-decorating effort, here’s a shot of the first picture we he hung in the dining area.

I know, I know, we’re getting a little bit bold with our efforts and yes, he needs FAR more pictures).  Please be so kind as to ignore the light fixture above the table.  One thing Marcus’ house has a bounty of, is glass & brass, 1990’s light fixtures.  Look at that thing in the picture.  It’s a disaster.  Don’t worry, I totally hear you, it’s already on the to-do list.  Along with the missing valence that needs to be re-covered and hung over the sliding glass door to the deck.  We’ve got a lot of projects.

2 responses to “Winning at life.

  1. I use Aveda Hand Relief, because my cube at the Museum is super-dry. It’s seriously magical!
    ~Sarah W~

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