An unrelated series of events.

It’s been almost two weeks and Terror Cotta has yet to arrive…Soon friends, soon.  Until that magical day when we get to see what the “meadow scene” looks like, we all wait with bated breath.

My achievement of the day is that I bought two pairs of sunglasses at NY&Co. that eclipse the majority of my face (They’re very WAG)…I mean, they were on sale for $4.99 each.  You had better believe that I got them out of that store faster than you can say “Hawaii.”  I know I swore off of shopping until after the trip, but Lord knows that it is unwise to visit the land of sun and sand with one pair of sunglasses.  So now I have three.

Since the rest of the fam is in California right now, I’ve been charged with the care and keeping of The Tiny Fang.  All was well until I called Mom and Dad and put them on speakerphone which confused the hell out of him because he wanted to know where they were. “Not in the house,” wasn’t really the answer that he was going for.  At which point, I put the phone down by his head and after listening and sniffing, he tried to put his teeth on it (this would be different from biting).  Phones are not for kitties.

And, since I know that I haven’t touched on this subject since September (I’m basically a delinquent, kay?), in the next few weeks, Marcus and I will be going over our 101 in 1001 list to see what we’ve accomplished since then, what we’ll be able to cross off the list soon, and what we should challenge ourselves to start working on.  I think we’ll actually be surprised by where we’re at.


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