Starting to thaw.

Operation: Pantry/Freezer Purge has begun.

Friends, I promise that I won’t regularly torture you with the mundane details of my everyday-eats.  But in the spirit of The Freezer Diaries, I feel it’s only right to keep you posted on some of my food-adventures for the next two weeks since you know, we’re playing a different game.

The Chocolate Chip Banana Bread I made yesterday?  I think it might be the best loaf I ever made.  Half of it currently resides in Plymouth (because Dad LOVES it) and the other half is sitting, wrapped on top of my microwave.

One container of Baked Potato Soup made its way to Marcus’ fridge to thaw, so it can become a couple of work lunches for me, and I even broke out the frozen berries to enjoy an old friend that I haven’t had in awhile…

I think berry parfaits and I needed a little break from one another after our epic meeting this fall.

And finally,this afternoon I’ll re-incarnate some fajita leftovers by making a quesadilla.  Call me creative, right?


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