RIM Strikes Again

Fact: I feel like today is Friday.  I’m not sure what that means for tomorrow.  However, I am entirely sure that my week is over because I am one of the many BlackBerry users who had to resist the urge to THROW THEIR PHONE AGAINST THE WALL this morning when my e-mail went down because, I don’t know, I actually expect the thing to work.  Maybe this explains the coma I awoke to find my phone in earlier this week.

What I DO know is that it does not explain the the mysterious appearance of the myspace application on my BlackBerry desktop.  All I know is that I downloaded TwitterBerry and suddenly myspace was on my phone.  And it can’t be deleted.  Can we all say it together?  DO NOT WANT.  For someone who doesn’t use myspace, this development surprised no one more than moi.


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