Yesterday, I tried to wean myself off of the “Lose it!” application on my iPod.  I think that I’ve come a long way since May with knowing when I’m hungry, what I’m actually hungry for, and the real size of a portion that I can be satisfied with.  Needless to say, with the operative word “tried,” I ended up caving at the end of the day and inputting all of the information to see how I really did (which was well).  So, we’re getting somewhere.  I still have a fair way to go until I make it to my goal, but for now, I would say that I am worlds away from where I was last year at this time.  It’s good.  And so far, December has been MORE than managable.

I had Linds over for dinner tonight which was fabulous.  I was A. Wanting to eat everything in my apartment (The good part about having a fully-stocked pantry is that you can cook anything for dinner.  The bad news is that you can have anything for dinner.) and B. feeling a mild wave of loneliness that was incredibly similar to the feeling that I had the evening before my beit din.    So being the pal that she is, she rolled over and we dined on greek salad and oven fries.  And then proceeded to do a fully-clothed, dry-run of my mikvah bobs.  Which in and of itself was a sight to behold.  That being said, I informed Marcus that if we’re rolling on Jewish time, then right now it is the beginning of my conversion day 🙂

Constant Vigliance: I ordered Heather Armstrong’s book on Amazon last week and got a pair of leggings at Ridgedale yesterday.  I will be working doubly-hard to make sure I’m not engaging in anymore casual consumerism until it is time to piece together a New Year’s Eve dress post-December 25th.  And beyond a bit of Hawaii shopping, this girl has got to go on lockdown until January 30th.  Not ’cause the budget is too tight, but because with all of the giving and getting going on, there really isn’t a point.

And just because you know you’ll love them, a quality pic from our “All I Want For Christmas Is You” holiday extravaganza.  If you’re wondering why my sistas are such beauties, it’s because you can see our sassy jawlines.



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