Fill up my glass

Glass half-full:  As my jeans were starting to get really too loose, I tossed them in the dryer last week post-wash (I am not usually given to machine-drying pants) and shrunk the crap out of them so that I would be able to enjoy a comfortable and attractive fit again.
Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s a technique that I can use with my work slacks, so a trip to Kim Huoy Chor is likely in order.  It’s awesome to be able to pull my waistband like, a fist’s length away from my body, but it ain’t so professional.
Glass half-fuller: Tonight, I got to go on an adventure to DownTime with Shauncey.  It’s like, pretty much the crappiest excuse for a wine bar on the planet, but there’s something about the place where $3 wine and a plate of chicken tenders + fries come together that just makes me LOVE it.  No shame.  Lest I forget, it’s always kind of inappropriately dark inside that place.  And all of the tables wobble.  Mmmmm, classy.
Glass half-fullest: Even though it’s all of 20 degrees outside (I was SO not ready to start wearing a parka?!  OR covering my legs), I think I have found my December peace.  There are craft brews in my fridge from The Four Firkins, baked goods in the apartment and blankets abound.  What else does a girl need?
p.s. Another week of the Grocery Shopping Challenge starts on Saturday – it’s never too late to jump on the bandwagon!  Set a limit that’s right for you and get ready to roll.

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