One week later…

We’ve all been living with the new layout, and I would say that so far I’m pretty pleased.  I think the header picture may need to change, but until I find something more compelling, we’ll stick with the sunset.

Side note: In case you didn’t know, I love sunset pictures.  EDIT: Though as a matter of fact, I didn’t realize how very much I did until I started typing this paragraph.  I have one from Big Pine Lake as the background on my netbook, another as the background on my BlackBerry and a third as the background of my check card.  Go figure.  For the record, I believe the header right now is a shot from Duluth.

That being said, since we’ve moved, I hope you’ve had time to explore the one “feature” Tenaciously Yours, has at the moment, the “Favorite Eats” section.  I’ve always had a passion for food and love of cooking, but that turned into an obsession when I moved into my apartment got to enjoy a kitchen of my very own.  Let me tell you, nothing gave me more joy than daydreaming about what it was I was going to stock my perfect kitchen with.  My vision for the section is that it will not only be a showcase of my (and Marcus’) go-to dishes but will also feature some of my new cooking adventures (cooking for one, baking, cookbook crusades, etc.) and friends’ recipes as well (see: Paula’s Empanadas).


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