Daily Archives: 10.29.2009

Hasta la vista Aspartame!

Today is the day.

I said farewell to my Diet Coke habit.

You can’t believe it? Neither can I.

But two weeks ago, I cut my habit from two cans/day to one. I thought that was big. And then the other day, while I was reading a Slate article on artificial sweeteners, there was some line mocking the flavor of aspartame (because really, it doesn’t taste sweet, it just tastes like poison) and then I had an ah ha! moment where I asked myself why the hell I was still drinking Diet Coke (mind you I was actually drinking a can at the time so I had a moment to process how truly awful it tasted).

So today, I went to work with zero cans of Diet Coke and a splash of hope. I was ready to self medicate with Ibuprofen at 11 am lest a caffeine headache struck and I was caught unprepared.

Mais, non. It was totally fine.



Marcus and I are jetting off to Hawaii at the end of January, right? SO EXCITED.

Now that it’s the end of October, we decided that it would probably be, you know, a good idea to start talking about lodging. Marcus doesn’t have a huge opinion because he’s never been. I have a huge opinion because I have been (And Ka’anapali Beach is GORGEOUS). We know we’re not staying with his sister because her place won’t be big enough. But other than that, no plan. At all.

Enter the beloved NYT. I never read their blog, The Frugal Traveler. Probably because I just do not travel frequently enough and have never had a case of serious wanderlust (beyond my desire to live in NYC for 3 months prior to having children…but that is another post for another day). But today, for whatever reason (Perhaps I was bored enough at work, but who knows, really.), I read this little jewel of an article, Staying with Newfound Friends, for a Fee.

But it gets SO much better. I checked out the AirBnB site and found out that their deals aren’t just good, they’re AWESOME.

So, suffice it to say, Marcus and I will be investigating these options for the next two weeks (that’s our timeline) and seeing which, if any would be right for us, either in Oahu, on Maui (though I am a bit enamored with the idea of staying on Ka’anapali Beach again) or on both!