Fall t.v.

Surprisingly, I haven’t found any new trash t.v. shows to watch as of late. Mind you, its pretty much impossible to find something to top Rock of Love Bus. Ah, the memories. Maybe mid-January, we will find ourselves in such a lucky situation as that again.

Even though I don’t tend to be an avid t.v. watcher, its safe to say that I’m in a relationship with Marcus’ DVR. We watch The Office, Community, So You Think You Can Dance, and GREEK. And sadly, I haven’t seen an epsode of Grey’s Anatomy since I watched the first episode of the season online. It’s gotten to the point where I really need to start watching or else I’ll never be able to catch-up.

But, exploring the wonder that is basic television (I don’t have cable in my apartment) I’ve also started watching Mercy, glee (which Billy and I swap quotes & moments from) and Jay Leno’s show.

I think I have a problem.


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