And that’s a wrap.

So, wedding weekend was a miracle. I didn’t get any sicker, none of the bridesmaids were divas, no one ended up looking awful after hair & make-up were done and Marcus made friends with all of the bridal party +1s. Oh and Waffles, the part-daschund/part-chihuahua despite his vicious growling, didn’t attack me which I found to be no small feat.

That does not change the fact that driving for 20 hours in one weekend is TERRIBLY long. Did I mention that I think toll roads are a total scam? Last time I checked, that is precisely what you pay taxes for.

And let me tell you, after falling asleep whilst driving through Gary, IN for the second time, I realized that Marcus and I had missed a prime opportunity to visit Michael Jackson’s birthplace. I think I’ll be content with looking at pictures of it on Google or something.

Oh thank god it’s Sunday and we’re in Minnesota again.


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