What has two thumbs & the hack?

Yesterday, I walked out from happy hour (no, I was not drinking…I play it smart with the antibiotics) and was struck immediately with some seriously awful back spasms and some most terrible chills. The good news? I don’t have the flu! The bad news? I have the crap (yes, you know what I’m talking about). Today, I didn’t feel like wrapping myself up into a cocoon on my bed, but now I’m sporting that sassy cough where you can’t laugh without having a fit (codeine cough syrup enters stage left).

That means this week has been pretty awesome for my freezer project because until tonight I have had zero desire to cook (and I only made oven fries so, it doesn’t really count). I’ve managed to remove one container of squash soup, one container of gnocchi and another of stuffed cabbage in addition to the broccoli that I tackled on Sunday night. Not too shabby, but there’s still a lot of progress to be made. I don’t know if that will debut in the form of another spirit week, but rest assured, it will be easy and tasty.


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