Daily Archives: 10.01.2009

On Final Descent

I sent my conversion essays to Rabbi Davis tonight. As in just now, tonight.

I needed to wait to do this until the sheer insanity of the holidays was over. Even though really, it isn’t. Because Sukkot starts on…Friday? I say this because when we were breaking the fast on Monday night, I warned Mom that Sue was going to invite her to the Sukkah party this weekend. Mom, by the time we reached Monday evening finally understood where I was coming with being all holiday-ed out by the end of Yamim Noraim. She was all like, THERE’S ANOTHER ONE?!?!?!

Welcome to my life, ma.

But really, I think we’ve finally come full circle. I have a family that has embraced my new faith and all of the shenanigans that come with it. And there’s a family that’s willing to embrace my family and to help me share my holidays with them too.

To quote Coach Gary Gaines from Friday Night Lights (NOT the crap tv show they made), my heart is full right now.