On Demand?!

So, Marcus in his infinite boyfriend wisdom over the past two years has introduced me to the technological wonder that is a big screen television with DVR.

When he moved into his house, thankfully, he decided to keep the good vibes going…But even better, with his cable subscription he gets a free year of HBO. HBO, in my world is something that exists in other peoples’ homes or at most hotels.

Imagine my incredible shock and awe, when he introduced me to the black magic that is HBO on demand. I was like, chicka chicka what? BACK THE TRUCK UP. You can watch the movies they’re rolling with, and the latest season OF ALL THEIR TV SHOWS? YOU COULD BE WATCHING SOMETHING AWESOME ALL DAY. I’m guessing the feeling of glee, awe and utter confusion was not entirely unlike when our parents learned how to text message.


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