The grand tour.

OKAY. I know I have been remiss in posting pictures of my new place – I needed to A. Take them, B. Upload them to my computer from my phone, and C. Post them to the inter-webs. Given that I’m still learning how to dock my BlackBerry to use it as a modem (I know, how old-school, right?), its been a bit of a journey.

That being said, I live in a studio that is on the top floor of my building. This is stellar because I don’t have neighbors playing thunder-paws above me at night, and it means I have vaulted ceilings, which does A LOT for the limited space I have. Also not-included in these pictures are the incredible wealth of closets that I have. There’s one set that runs the entire length of the wall by the door and are full-length mirrors. There’s another cube of them in the entry-way, one half of which are dedicated to normal closet space and the other half which is dedicated to a washer and dryer. In short, it is the perfect apartment for me.

And now, the pictorial tour.

The bathroom is pretty unexciting, but I mean, the mirror has one of those nifty medicine cabinets behind it (I have never experienced this before now).

Its a full-sized kitchen. I’m SUPER appreciative that they gave it a little nook of it’s own. It comes complete with dishwasher and the refrigerator is brand-new. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting to have my own refrigerator for.

Because of where my bed is located, it is virtually impossible to get the whole thing in one shot. The headboard is approximately 7 feet high. You can see the scale of it based-off of the kitchen cabinets in the back of the shot. What you can’t see is that my bed is where the kitchen table is supposed to be. That means that there is a kitchen-table light dangling over my bed. I affectionately say that my bedroom has pendant lighting.

This would be one angle of the living room. I decided against having my bed here because of the fact that the window would be drafty in the winter, I would have to parade my guests through my bedroom-area to get to the patio and I wanted to be able to have dinner and a fire in the fireplace (um, awesome!).

This would be a view of the living room from the patio. Not super-huge, but its a cozy space.

My next project will be hanging art. Maybe there will be more pictures then!


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