Galleria Trip

Every day, Edina is a journey.

Bizarrely enough, I was buying a present for an out-of-town friend’s couple’s shower and on her registry was this set of Parker nesting mixing bowls. Given that I am moving, and haven’t had to purchase a ton of things, but needed mixing bowls, I figured it was time to pay a visit to Crate and Barrel and the good old Galleria.

The thing about the Galleria is, if you turn on 70th (?) and France, you have to deal with the issue of traffic circles, which in Europe, I understand. But in Edina, with their driving-style, they become absolutely deadly. Not cool.

Once you get into the Galleria, there’s a bizarre potpourri of legitimate stores, boutiques and poser-boutiques that look nice, but are full of crap. How delightful. And there’s also a pleasant blend of vapid, entitled women and women that look like they inhabit a permanent state of self-loathing.

Plus, the Galleria is strange in the sense that it would benefit from a layout like the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes (in order to contribute to the cachet), but rather, it is an enclosed mall with a strange smattering of restaurants and cafes that seems kind of like an afterthought.

How special.


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