Tids and Bits: Part VI

I feel that enough has gone on in the past few days that it is acceptable to do another Tids and Bits, which we have not had the opportunity to experience since, oh, December-ish? Really, it just means that there’s a potpourri of thoughts in my head, all of which I feel are important (even if some really are just minutae) and none of which I can create an entire post out of at this point in time.

  • Apartment Hunting: The good news is, I’m pretty sure I found one. With a little prodding from Linds and word of some deals, Mom is going to go scout out Hoigaard Village tomorrow and if successful, I’ll go down and apply post-haste after work. That would check off a major life project that was on the to-do list. My first goal was July, my second goal was August (and I would be happy with August), but if I could live really comfortably for a year by saving up for one more month and moving in September 1st, then we’ll roll with that. You’ll know tomorrow night how I fared.
  • Casual Day: Today, we learned that it is casual day for the rest of the week, the caveat being that we must dress in red, white or blue for Tuesday and Wednesday. I look forward to seeing tomorrow’s styles.
  • A little bit closer: I scheduled my appointment with Rabbi Davis today for July 29th. At that point, we will go over my essays and he’ll see how my davening (prayer) skills are. I’m not the least bit apprehensive, but I needed to set a date for me, that way I would get cracking on the whole hebrew practicing thing.
  • Lake Time: Martha finally shared the wonder that is her pontoon on Lake Minnetonka and it was a wonder indeed. SUPER relaxing to go out and have sack-dinners after work. And, when we were returning to the club, we managed to avoid bashing the boat into the dock OR the other boat. Marcus and I are driving Up North late night on Thursday in order to fully-enjoy the entire day on Friday as I don’t have to work and he doesn’t either. Then, we’ll get to enjoy Big Pine, Crosslake and the Chain. Really can’t wait.

Working and living out of my Vera Bradley tote are getting to be just a touch bit too hectic for this girl so, I’m pretty excited to figure out like, .5% more of my life and have another weekend in the sun.


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