I think I need you to repeat that.

Carly is the name of a style of Coach purse that I absolutely love. Its a square, slouchy, shoulder bag that can carry all seven of the world’s wonders and then some. And it goes with everything. When I bought it, it was a bit of a reach, but I did so with a coupon and a gift card to soften the blow.

I carried it so much that it started to fray at the top. Which is bizarre for a purse that is of such a supposed high quality. I figured that it just meant that I loved it too much and it was time to be retired to the closet.

Not so, my friends. Two nights ago, another sorority sister walked into Station 4 (where we were watching a friend’s band play) and was toting a new purse (we previously both had the Carly in different styles). She then informed me that not only was the purse found to be defective (because of said rubbing issue) but that Coach felt so bad about the situation that they would either exchange your purse for a new one, or if you didn’t want to hand it over, by bringing it to the store, they would give you a 40% discount on any other handbag. I had been drinking, so it was one of those “I think I just heard you say that I can get a free purse or a way-marked down new one, but that statement sounds like such a lie that I need you to repeat it” moments.

And now I have a new Sabrina. Moral of the story? Loving Coach means never having to say that you’re sorry.


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