Food discoveries du jour.

Trader Joe’s has a simply INSANE case of frozen foods. If you can dream it up, they probably have it.

While this isn’t really living on the edge , I still think it will change my life. See, they sell these mini-chicken-cilantro potstickers that are 50 calories for four. Like, wait…what? That’s right, you can actually eat 8 potstickers for 100 calories, and they’re legitimately delicious.

In other news, I made pesto for the first time today with basil, pine nuts, lemon juice, olive oil and garlic.

I used it in a mediterranean quesadilla that consisted of miniature corn tortillas, pesto, 1/2 of a diced tomato, and several thin slices of fresh mozzarella. It was incredible.

Thus, I am making the plant my hobby (no, I do not plan on doing any sort of floral gardening…not my scene).

Plus, Mom and I are going to make more pesto tomorrow as it is beginning to sprout a new set of leaves.


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