Memorial Day Weekend 2009: Part III

The Kahats have a little black terrier named Shady, who is the nicest-smelling, most intuitive and well-behaved dog I have ever seen in my entire life. So this morning after going to the bathroom and wanting to crawl back into bed (it was 7 a.m.), she informed me by silently barking (if you can visualize this), that she too wanted to go to the bathroom. And then, because I refused to play fetch in the out-of-doors with her at 7 a.m., she proceeded to start chewing ferociously on every squeaky toy in the cabin.

I learned how to make potatoes O’Brien this morning, which were delicious alongside the coffee cake that Auntie Mary Kay whipped up.

And in the Tukey world, Alex accepted an offer to come pitch for the Gophers on scholarship yesterday and Val looks like she’s going to finally have a job as well! All of our good vibes have paid off 🙂 Ski U Mah!


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