Daily Archives: 05.12.2009

The first of many thoughts on renovation.

Today, I dealt with the issue of finding a worthy soul to de-wallpaper Marcus’ basement bathroom. Apparently wallpapering is coming back, but I’m going to just have to say “no.” It usually doesn’t add to the value of a house and mostly, it ends up being ugly. The Domino decorating book suggested framing it as art but, THAT IS A TOTAL LIE.

I actually came to the realization that it needed to be addressed because Marcus’ Baube wanted to find someone to de-wallpaper her condo. Go figs.

He closes on the place at the end of the month and then moves in at the end of July, which is, extremely exciting. It looks as if he’s found a roommate, which is good news. I was rather enamored of the concept that next year I would be moving into a home instead of a temporary bachelor pad but, c’est la vie. Truly, this is not the most important issue in my life. We’re working around compromises on this matter.

Sue and I have started working through paint colors and that will be an entirely different story, I’m sure when we get to actually painting.