Daily Archives: 05.01.2009

Lillies or Roses?

After Eight Belles’ death last year, I just don’t have the heart to say that Rachel Alexandra should be in the Derby instead of the Oaks. Because to lose another, literally beautiful filly would be heartbreaking.

But she does look like the kind of horse that wins the Triple Crown.

Rachel Alexandra…Better Than the Boys?

Alternately, because it is Triple Crown season, the NYT has put their racing blog, “The Rail” back up.

UPDATE: Rachel Alexandra took the lillies, finishing 20.25 lengths ahead of the rest of the field. Insane.


Happy May Day!

I remember the elementary school days of yore where on the days leading up to May Day or on the day itself, entire days of class would be dedicated to constructing bizarrely intricate baskets and flower-themed decor out of construction paper.

Today at the Daily, exhausted and hungover from the Party Bus-extravaganza last night, we celebrated by not showering and looking like something horrific that the cat dragged in. Given that most all of us do not remember getting off the bus, this was totally worth it.

Perhaps I will do something civilized tonight.