Its the black plague…or something

I have five days of class and two papers left until I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL!

Which is thrilling.

Except for the fact that I naievely assumed that this year, I would not be coming down with the plague at the end of the school year, especially since last year was such a treat.

Pretty sure that I’m barreling full speed ahead to another doctor’s office visit. Given that I have a gnarly-sounding cough, am constantly thirsty, and in an effort to fight the war through Vitamin C have probably drank an entire bottle of orange juice in the last 24 hours.

Oh, and I almost forgot…the always being thirsty part. I would say that I am more hydrated than most people, but right now, I am in a perpetual state of feeling as if I am wandering the desert.

Rock on.


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