Daily Archives: 04.18.2009

Tea Parties

The thing this week that has succeeded in intriguing me the most are the “tea parties” that conservatives across America have adopted as their form of protest. Don’t get me started on the fact that I think that conservatives protesting is extremely bizarre, given that they spent the last eight years shouting-down liberals and telling them that their protests were “un-American.” Whatever. That is neither here nor there. For those of you who didn’t listen and/or care in high school history (which is totally fine – I really don’t think a lot of people did), a little refresher on the original Boston Tea Party and how it contrasts with modern-day America:

  1. The Boston Tea Party was to protest taxation without representation. In our modern-day America, we have representation.
  2. Tea was extremely valuable/expensive in America because of how far away it was produced and all of the shipping that went along with that.
  3. The colonists dumped tea into the harbor that wasn’t theirs.

In short, when I see entitled, upper-class conservatives throwing their diamonds, gold, and/or cash into the river, I will understand and appreciate their sacrifice for their beliefs. But a $2 box of Lipton? Excuse my language, but you have got to be shitting me. That’s like poor little rich kid syndrome at its worst.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to a great NYT column about the idiot Texans who want to secede. I think Texas is as good a place as any but again. Seriously? Just go.