Daily Archives: 04.15.2009

My Jewish Mother

I think I realized that my mother is an aspiring-Jewish Mother when she tried to send a third box of matzo back to campus with me for Passover.

Appreciated? Yes.

But I’m pretty sure that it would take a deeply ambitious person to finish more than a box. Eating matzo is kind of like trying to do the Saltine challenge. Every single meal.

Otherwise, Mom has done a rockin’ good job jumping on the Passover Party Bus. She and Dad made me a Kosher for Passover (K for P) care package pre-holiday and for Easter she made a beef roast, asparagus, and indian potatoes so that Marcus and I would be able to eat.

And last night when I went home, she had made me a flourless curry for lunch on Thursday and we had matzo ball soup and caesar salad with homemade dressing for dinner. Really, it’s been incredible.


Married to the Eiffel Tower

Tom always wins for finding the most bizarre stuff on BBC and then recording it, so that we can all watch it together.

BBC America Reveals

My favorite part is when the woman who is “in love” with the Berlin Wall tries to explain to the woman at the museum that the Berlin Wall did not need to come down, and how her life in America was so much worse than that woman’s experience living in Communist Ukraine. She “wanted to hate it so much.”