MS Word Proficiency

Today, I pose to you all a question, that frankly, Eli and I couldn’t answer this week whilst at work.

I was applying for an administrative assistant position at an organization and was filling out the pre-screen questions that they had attached to their electronic application. One of the questions was, “What level of proficiency do you have in MS Word: Beginning/Intermediate/Advanced?”

I feel like that question, in this time of technology, is kind of along the lines of asking someone if they’re good at breathing air.



One response to “MS Word Proficiency

  1. There are a lot of crazy things you can do in Word 2007, like inserting SmartArt and graphs and shiz. My boss had me do an online training in it back in August, and apparently I’m not yet as proficient as she would like because she’s sending me to an in-person training sometime in the future. So yeah. It ain’t yo mama’s word processor no mo’.

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