Daily Archives: 04.03.2009

"Tribute" Shows

In the past few months, I’ve come to learn that I sleep better when I have some sort of quiet background noise. KOOL 108 would be my radio station of choice. Let’s get serious – everyone loves oldies.

But something that deeply mystifies me and disturbs me are these bizarre musical tribute-revues that are rolling through town. No, this is not me hating on tribute bands that play at the Medina Ballroom – that’s a totally different animal, which I kind of love the concept of.

I’m confused by things like the Billy Joel show “Movin’ Out”, or Chanhassen Dinner Theatre’s latest, “Forever, Patsy Kline.” (Note: The Chanhassen Dinner Theatre is probably the cultural hub of the outer suburbs – why go to the city, when you can have that?) Neither actually feature the artist in question (instead you get random, unheard of actor X), and frankly, if I wanted to have the Billy Joel experience in all of its glory outside of going to a concert, I think I would just listen to my iPod.