Recession Style: Merona @ Target

The first time I saw the Merona section at Target, I was truly surprised. Because the days where Target used to sell horrific fashion abominations are still more recent than not.

But I must give the Target marketing, merchandising and design staffers credit where credit is due. They smelled blood in the water and pounced. Being in the Merona section was like being in a big-box JCrew. Its no surprise that they’re trying to poach JCrew’s customers as those people would likely choose Target over WalMart for their shopping needs.

I would say you still have to be picky – just because Target is selling it now doesn’t mean it will automatically flatter your body type. But you can tell that they actually spent time designing and making these clothes, which is pleasant, for a change. There are some very classic cuts and some smart fabric/style choices that make the dresses look like, well, pieces that one would wear for a while.

If I knew anything about the status of Target’s men’s section and their Merona offerings, I would definitely throw that down here too but, you can’t be on top of everything all the time.


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