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Its the black plague…or something

I have five days of class and two papers left until I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL!

Which is thrilling.

Except for the fact that I naievely assumed that this year, I would not be coming down with the plague at the end of the school year, especially since last year was such a treat.

Pretty sure that I’m barreling full speed ahead to another doctor’s office visit. Given that I have a gnarly-sounding cough, am constantly thirsty, and in an effort to fight the war through Vitamin C have probably drank an entire bottle of orange juice in the last 24 hours.

Oh, and I almost forgot…the always being thirsty part. I would say that I am more hydrated than most people, but right now, I am in a perpetual state of feeling as if I am wandering the desert.

Rock on.


haiku: Part II

my lungs are hurting.
codeine cough syrup is the way.
it is not swine flu.

cannot stop rushing
am completely exhausted
when will it all stop?

Steeplechase Chic

Sometimes Lilly Pulitzer breaks my heart just a little bit because it is so simply and effortlessly perfect.

Ready for the Races



Am making risotto with lamb stock tonight. Por que? you ask. Because Marcus and I made lamb stew over Passover and I boiled the shank bones for stock. I highly recommend this (I tried it with lobster/crab shells and the left over meat over winter break and was pleasantly surprised).

That being said, I am now left with the conundrum of whether to use vegetable or chicken stock to make up the remainder of the liquid in addition to red wine (I’m thinking vegetable, to make the lamb flavor more distinct instead of settling for “vaguely meaty”).

And also, because lamb as an ingredient totally screams, “serve me with feta cheese or some sort of chickpea-type dish,” I’m trying to resolve that conundrum as well. Hummus v. Falafel, classic Parmesan v. Feta.

What to do.

May it Please the Court

I can’t really describe this in a way that will really do it justice. I found it to be fabulous and strangely poignant at the same time, in the sort of way where one is compelled to capture something and to trap its essence in a bottle.

And, its from the NYT, which is where all good things come from.

May it Please the Court

haiku: Part I

Some days I want to write but with the massive plan book we’re coming up on in campaigns and the history paper for 5601W that I still haven’t really started yet, I’m thinking about exploring haiku as an expressive format for those days where I’m too tired/mind is scrambled to actually write a coherent post.

exhaustion i hate
group projects procrastinate,
coffee not enough.


If you live with me, then you know that I get very specifically hungry in the afternoon. In a sort of “I’m starving to death and have never seen food before” sort of way. And usually during these times, I want to eat something that will fill me up, is nutritionally valuable, and makes me feel like I’m eating something special.

So, here are my top five picks for snacking.

  1. Avocado (cubed) with Lime Juice and S+P…Its totally forkable so, if you don’t have/don’t want chips, its always a good call.
  2. Cheese…This is usually something with a more interesting taste like a Bleu, Gouda, Sharp Cheddar or Brie.
  3. Dried Cranberries + Cashews…its like trail mix, except healthier.
  4. Freeze Dried Apples…you can get these at Costco by the box. They’re pretty fantastic.
  5. A Spoonful of Peanut Butter