To whom it may concern:

When I click the “continue” button on a company’s application system, its not totally unlike flushing the toilet, in that I know I will never be able to get that time back, my status in the world remains unchanged, and I’m not going to see a return.

“Networking” is great. But I can’t sit through anymore informational interviews where they tell me that they think I have a lot of great skills but currently they’re on a hiring freeze/have no openings. Its too tiring. I didn’t ever dream that my first “big girl” job would be life-changing but I was at least hoping to find something challenging or that would utilize my skills. And you had better believe that I haven’t been princessing around about this whole thing. If it looks like it might be my skill-set, then I am so there.

It’s almost April. Which means something has got to give, or I am six weeks away from living in my parents’ basement. Srsly.


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