Girl Adventure: Day 1

Mom and I left this morning at 5 am. Which, given the hour, was pure magic. It was actually nice to see the sun rise as we drove through Wisconsin but seriously, it was still an indecent hour to set out at.

As per the Girl Adventure-Itinerary, we ate breakfast at Denny’s Diner in the Wisconsin Dells, a throwback to the days when we had a yearly family vacation there at the end of August. Denny’s is decorated in a totally 50’s motif. However, in the spirit of St. Patrick’s day, they had boldly re-purposed their white Christmas tree as a St. Patrick’s day tree. C’est magique.

We got into Chicago about an hour early, which was super (Note: I didn’t know that Soldier Field looked so…historical). We’re at the Hyatt on Wacker (I knw, right?), and the best part about our room is that we’re super-close to an office building and the workers inside are totally excellent for people-watching.

Once we managed to get the car into a safe ramp, we found ourselves at “the bean” in Millenium Park. For those of you who know Tiffany & Co., the bean is a classic necklace pendant, so really its almost as if something came along and laid a giant Tiffany egg.

Following that portion of our adventure, I spotted the Chicago Public Library which turns out to be home to the largest Tiffany-glass dome in the world. Totally worth it.

Finally, making up for my lack of St. Patrick’s Day yesterday, Mom and I had dinner at Elephant and Castle (a pub).


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