Praying for Rain

So this past week has been a busier one with the job hunt. I sent out several resumes and target company lists, had two informational interviews (one was good, the other rocked), applied for a position in HR with the Department of Defense, and two positions with United Health Group and joined LinkedIn.

The really rockin’ informational interview gave me the energy I need to keep on going (because sometimes its nice to get positive input from people who aren’t already close to you) but honestly, this process is seriously henious.

Next week I can look forward to an informational interview over lunch on Monday (which is really excellent because my wisdom teeth just came out), and will probably schedule a few more with an organization that I have already been told is having a hiring freeze.

In the meanwhile, we pray for rain.


One response to “Praying for Rain

  1. its fun isn’t it?! ugh.. i have probably over 30 out now and have heard back from like 6… :/ no one can afford to hire! such a bad time, i too applied at UHG and had a referral too! gotta look into that one more and call back but oh what a time to be graduating… feel ya sista! great job w/ the interviews tho!!! they are really great to have!

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